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Howard Davidson

Hi, I’m Howard Davidson. By day, I make the Boston area safe for strategic marketing. Actually, I do that at night, too. Bruce Wayne spiffs up to become Batman and fight crime. But the alter ego of Howard Davidson, marketing guy is… Howard Davidson, marketing guy. Day or night, I’m always involved in some kind of marketing venture in the Boston area or beyond. It’s my destiny. I bring marketing strategy to companies and entrepreneurs and keep the flashy marketing fluff away. (Don’t get me started about one-hit marketing wonders.)

Anybody can be lucky once. I’ve been helping companies reach and engage customers for a long time. Not so long that I remember what it was like working with Don Draper. Long enough that I was able to convert from analog to mastering digital advertising without a hitch.

They say that guys can’t multi-task, but in marketing, you have to. I’ve never been satisfied focusing on just one marketing challenge. I’ve been a marketing director or consultant for more dozens of ventures over the years. I do the same thing each time: build the brand, shape the message, and engage the target. I’ve done that for all kinds of clients, too, from military contractors to a college laundry service. My recent credits include working with GetResponse, iBasis, DentaQuest, Veloxity, Gemvara, and Metropolis Creative.

I also love to mouth off on marketing quirks and the sublimely ridiculous with my blog. (Because brand-building applies to the guy who builds the brands, too.) Take a look.

Howard Davidson Marketing may not have been on the birth certificate, but my path seemed foreordained. My parents said I could always sweet-talk my way into a higher allowance or a later curfew. Then I tried art, getting a BFA and MA from the Massachusetts College of Art before teaching art in middle school.

Marketing is much easier. Although art taught me how to communicate visually, so it was worth the time.

Other random bits about me: I live in Arlington, Massachusetts and I’d rather be at my computer or on the phone than running the Boston Marathon. My favorite animals are usually cooked medium-well and come with a nice salad and creamed spinach. Starbucks? It’s a client I’d love to have, and it’s my primary food group. (It’s what keeps me up at night while I’m plotting marketing mayhem.) I am damn opinionated. I’m usually right, but quick to accept when a course needs to change. (Who thought the Falcons would blow a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl? Tom Brady and Howard Davidson.) My friends say that I have this nasty habit of finding them jobs. My clients say I have a knack for growing their businesses. That’s why I don my marketing costume and share this with the world.

So, let’s talk marketing, or a high-caloric-meal, or just share aches and pains. I promise when we do, you’ll walk away headed in the right direction.

Why Work With Me


I’m Howard Davidson, based in Massachusetts, a marketing guy, occasional loudmouth and always funny. Well, I think I’m funny. Just ask.

I’ve been helping companies reach and engage customers for longer than Barack Obama has been in public service, yet I still refuse to be known as one who loves an early bird special.


Marketing strategy is everything. Your company’s end goal is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage (and rake in the bucks). The only way to do this is to take a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning. That’s your marketing strategy. If you don’t do that, growth will be hard because profitability will be difficult. I dig deep to exploit your unique selling proposition, or USP (what sets you apart from your competitors, even well-established ones); analyze the competition; and construct buyer personas. The marketing strategy I build for you – website, email campaigns, blogging, social media, trade shows, and more – will all logically support your goal. I live to do this stuff so you can go crazy when the leads and sales come in.

Howard Davidson
Howard Davidson


Who’s going to buy your product? I’m expert at identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. Sales people call it “lead generation.” Because ultimately, buzz doesn’t ring the register and favorability doesn’t pay the rent. I know just the right tactics to use – based on your business, your buyer, and your USP. Put me to work executing my plan, and I’ll deliver qualified leads (not tire-kickers or looky-loos). One simple sheet shows all your key channels, key messaging, and target audience. But most important, you’ll know what your metric for success is. It won’t be “likes.” It’ll be handshakes, contracts, and wire transfers.


You know how I said buzz doesn’t ring the register? That’s true. But until a prospect visits your website or walks into your store, you won’t hear a single ka-ching. So when you introduce yourself to your prospective customer, you need to make your communication strong, clear, and persuasive. First impressions are everything. Your logo, your typeface, your sales letters, your advertising, your social media presence – all of this tells a prospect that you just may be the company to do business with. There’s bad awareness and good awareness; I avoid the former and deliver the latter. I’ll work up a lather getting your prospects to get all steamed up about doing business with you – then you’ll get all excited, too, when they get in touch and say, “Take my money!”

Howard Davidson

Success Stories

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I needed marketing help and someone well versed in advertising. Howard Davidson is a great guy to work with! He set up a complete marketing plan. Our conversion rates have gone up over 30% I continue to work with Howard on a weekly basis.

Abbey Peralta
I met Howard about 4 years ago. I was in need of a marketing consultant. I have posted jobs on UpWork, CraigsList, Freelancer.com etc.. in the past. No one delivered like Howard did! Howard is a marketing professional and I have recommended him to over a dozen local business that I work with.
Fred Barnard


What Howard Davidson Is Having

I’ll tell you what Howard Davidson is having. Howard Davidson is yes, yes, YES having it all. Did you see that Katz’s – the famous Lower East Side New York

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